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Landscape Lighting: Practical? or Aesthetic?

Landscape lighting can create a warm, glowing view of your home that’s welcoming and comforting. By illuminating entrances and driveways you create a safe and inviting place for you and your guests. Illuminating paths and walkways creates a safe passage through the property. Targeting steps, pools, water features and tripping hazards will not only highlight those features, but prevent accidents from happening. A good lighting design can also act as a deterrent to prowlers and can eliminate those potentially dark hiding places.


Besides security and safety, another reason for outdoor lighting is to extend the time you spend outdoors. Most of us only really get to enjoy our yards during day light hours. Once the sun goes down, the pool doesn’t seem quite as appealing and sitting on the patio isn’t quite as enjoyable. Well not anymore! Landscape lighting will turn any landscape from simple to the most extravagant into something spectacular! Good Earth can bring out the natural beauty of your gardens and accentuate the architectural style of your home. Landscape lighting creates a visually unique experience every time you step outside.

  • Accentuate a focal point or specimen tree

  • Create a wide range of illusions

  • Install lights underwater in ponds or water falls

  • Cast lighting upwards to create dramatic shadows and silhouettes

  • Cast lighting downward to create shadows as if lit by the moon

  • Lights can be built into retaining walls for illumination

  • Attach to deck elements to light stairs or general areas

  • Attach to columns at driveway entrances

Lighting Options for your Landscaping

From design to installation to maintenance, Good Earth Landscape Contractors offers a full range of landscape lighting services to bring out the SPECTACULAR in your property. Call today for more information.

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